My Eureka Moment

I feel like I am forever waiting for my eureka moment.  It’s a moment of joy, of satisfaction.  A eureka moment is something special, a breakthrough, if you will.  It’s the sort of thing that will change your life.

The term “eureka” is believed to have been coined by Greek philosopher Archimedes.  It translates to “I have found it!”.  What the “it” is differs from person to person.  As a life reflection, I believe a eureka moment is the discovery of one’s true purpose, the place where we belong.  There have been so many songs composed about this  topic, books written.  As humans, we delight in the the greater philosophical question of “why”.  My view is a little bit smaller, and much more selfish.

I’ve had a few false positives.  I thought I could find my niche as a writer (if you’re reading this, you know why that’s not happening).  For a while, I fell into a happy theatre routine both as an improv teacher and as a performer with a local troupe, but that didn’t last.  While I miss the improv, I can’t imagine going back to act.  None of these vocations, hobbies, placements – call them what you will – fit me like a glove.  There’s nothing still that I am so good at, so in love with, that I can break through and breathe it like it’s my life force.

I will be the first to admit that at 26 years old, it is a bit tiresome to hear anybody – myself included! – moaning about not finding her purpose in life.  What’s worth noting, however, is that we are all constantly on a quest for another “eureka!”.  Humans are not easily contented creatures.  We reach the moon and desire the stars.  Some people will have several eureka moments – others may have none at all.  What is important is that we keep reaching out, keep growing in ourselves and in our paths.  I believe that the very fact of our existence is too great a miracle to let our lives pass away with too much whimsy.

In the meanwhile, I sit with the rest – waiting for a breakthrough.  My “eureka!” moment.

Breakthrough” – Daily Post, Oct. 2, 2016


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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