geek quilt

Back in February, I embarked on this incredible project – my geek quilt.  It is huge.  It’s elephantine-style huge.  It’s too big.  It’s about 7′ x 9′.  It’s so big, it’s almost pointless.  But it’s awesome.


That’s an old picture, before I finished the borders.  But oh!  That’s about as far as it’s gotten.  Months later, I just can’t bring myself to finish it.  It’s so large, it’s unwieldy.  I have nowhere to lay it flat – no literally, I tried to move back all the couches and it still doesn’t quite fit in my living room.  It’s so difficult to pin!

I got extremely motivated in July and decided, eff it… I’m gonna finish this thing.  I decided to ditch the padding, because ack, but I sewed together the fleece backing and made a nice, cozy backside for it.  It took a week.


Then, in all my motivation, I was like “yeah!  I’m gonna sew it all together now and it’s gonna be awesome and I’m gonna finish it before vacation.”

Yeah.  Right.

So I tried that whole lying-it-across-the-living-room thing again, and it sorta worked enough that I could start pinning one side.  I quickly discovered that I suck at measuring things to sew without a pattern, and the backing was uneven and way too big.  YAY.  So I centered the quilt as best I could and sewed it on.

Have you ever sewn a 7′ x 9′ quilt on to its back on a small, half-cluttered kitchen table, with a cat eager to sprawl out on the quilt?  It’s not easy, especially as I am a total sewing n00b and found the sewing pretty difficult to manage without an interested kitty.

Seriously, my cat loves the thing.

He’s pretty cute, so I try not to complain about it too much.

As the weather grows chilly again, and the winds of autumn rattle my windows, I’m turning my mind back to that cozy, unfinished quilt in my closet.  All I need to do is finish sewing on the backing and trim the borders, right?  It’ll be easy!  A great autumn project!

We’ll see….

Border.” – Daily Post, Oct. 7, 2016


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