oh, music

I am not inherently a music person.  I am not musically talented, and up until recently, I was the kind of girl who’d actually turn off music in the car.  As I’ve gotten older, music has grown to have more resonance with me, but it appears I’ve missed the era where you run off to a concert every weekend.

I’ve been to three different concerts at three different venues, and they were all very different from one another.

The first was Soulfest, up at Gunstock in New Hampshire.  I liken it to Woodstock for Christians… which is to say that it was nothing like Woodstock at all except that there are stages and music and outdoorsy excitement.  I went in 2004 with a friend and her family, and we camped out on the green about a quarter mile away from the main stage.  It was so loud, but loads of fun, even if the genre wasn’t quite my forte.

The second concert was about six years later – I went to see an indie nerd band on tour in Camden, CT.  It was weird, becaue as it turned out, most of the fans at that location were middle schoolers.  Most awkward concert ever.

The most recent concert was at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, and it felt more like a proper concert.  Lots of seating, but with an optional mosh pit situation (there was no moshing, just dancing).  We went to see the Carnival of Madness – one of the few groups of bands that my husband and I both listen to.  That was a couple months ago, and loads of fun.

I don’t see myself going to another concert any time soon.  It’s a lot of hassle to get my husband to agree to go with me, and I’m just not a fan of flying solo.  Besides, he likes music more than me.  I’m more of a theatre-goer.

If I had to pick though… the outside festival feel was definitely the coolest venue.

“What’s your favorite live music venue?” – Plinky Prompt, Nov. 20, 2009.


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