Nothing makes me so bitterly angry than promises, because promises are never kept.  The very fact that a promise demands to be spoken dooms it to failure.  The real truths of this world are not constrained by words – these things, like death and taxes, simply are and shall always be.  There’s no need for a pinky swear or a contract to enforce their vitality.  The things that matter most are in our blood.  If they are not, then they are falsehoods disguised in shining gold.

“You’ll love me forever, right? Promise?”

How many middle school relationships have begun their tumultuous ruin with that inquiry?

“Promise we’ll always be best friends.”

Yeah, okay.  Great idea in third grade, not so likely to last through college.  Kudos to those who still have a childhood friend!

“Promise you’ll never leave me?”

If only keeping that promise was easy – from flightiness to death, leaving is inevitable.

“If I’m good, promise I can get a toy?” or “If you’re good, I promise that you can have a candy bar at the check out.”

Maybe I just had a mean mom, but I’m fairly certain that promise was never fulfilled.  Or, perhaps, I was just a particularly difficult child.

It’s interesting to ponder – as an adult, when was the last time I made a promise?  Or asked for one?  The only instance that comes to mind is bargaining with my friend’s daughter.  It seems most promises are made by or for the benefit of children.  I wonder why?

I think it may be that as adults, we know the frailty of a promise and have no stomach for them.  We either do things, or we don’t.  We know things and take them for granted… but we know them.  We have seen the way the world works and have grown a thick skin – even if we asked for a promise, how can we trust one another?

It’s a sad sort of thing when a promise, an oath… one’s word… means naught.

Promises.” – Daily Post, Oct. 12, 2016


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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