i am not the rain, but i love it

I would like to note that I am not as bitter and irritable a person as my latest posts make me seem.  In fact, I’m quite friendly.  Here’s a recent picture:


See, I bet you expected a withered, irritable old hag with scraggly hair and angry eyes.  Fact: my hair is usually quite scraggly, but the whole reason for that photo was that I was quite pleased with it.  See?  I don’t bite.

I think my angsty air comes from a mixed love of gloomy things, and of peculiar quirks and a dark, snarky sense of humor.  And lots of nostalgia, but the bad kind of country music sort.  And that’s okay, because I embrace it all as part of myself.  Some examples:

My favorite kinds of days are rainy autumn weekends.  Like so – my home, in my favorite season, in the rain:

I would rather sit on my couch and watch television/play video games/read/write than be sociable.

I don’t drink coffee.  I’m note entirely sure how this makes me angsty, but it’s on my mind because I asked for an oreo hot chocolate at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning and it tastes suspiciously coffee-esque.  And I keep drinking it.  It’s warm. 🙂

I love autumn.  Sort of mentioned about.

I have this creepy love/hate relationship with cemeteries.  I find them peaceful and historically beautiful, filled with untold stories.  I am also mortified of zombies and ghosts and the idea that I may fall into an open or hollow grave.  So that’s good.

I work too much, at least for my own tastes (usually about a 12 hour day once you factor in the mind-numbing commute) and this makes me remarkably irritable.

Anyway, I feel like some of these things bear mentioning at 6:57am on a Thursday morning… that my posts may be grumpy but that is not always me.

Today’s post brought to you by a photo challenge, H2O, which I am sorely cheating on… I actually have some lovely ocean pictures from my honeymoon, but they are on my Rebel, or desktop, or Flickr or somewhere that seemed too much work sitting in the office just before my shift… so you get recent Instagram shots of Dublin Lake.  YAY.


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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