awesome mix vol. 1

What amuses me in particularly about the prompt (“name three songs you’d put on a road tape mix”) is that it’s incredibly obsolete now – the prompt was posted in 2009, but now in 2016, who uses mixtapes?  Even CDs are a rarity.  I’m no music aficionado, and even I have 12,000+ songs on my iPhone.

But then again, I also have a record played and a VYNL subscription, so what do I know about music trends?

I do make playlists, though.  I make them all the time – based on emotions, likes, occasion, subject…. you name it, I probably have it.  I have a rotating playlist called “Le Music de la Jour” which more or less is my revolving favorites list… my “mix-tape”, if you will.  And some songs never get deleted.  Here are three of those:

“Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows

Did you know this song was written exclusively for the Shrek 2 film?  I was 15, and at the time, music was still a complicated topic in our household and strictly policed to oldies and religious praise music.  Aside from the catchy tune, there’s a couple lines in the lyrics I love:

“Baby, I surrender to the strawberry ice cream – never, ever end all of this love.”


“These lines of lightning mean we’re never alone.”

There’s something of pretty poetry to them, and I love it.  That song’s been on my playlist as long as I can remember.

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel

Okay, so I get how this is overplayed, etc., etc., but seriously how much fun is it to try to sing along to this song?  It’s an awesome car!song.  There was once a time when I really did know all the lines, but that information is long since gone from my brain.  Still… I try.

“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry

This is an entirely different vein than the others.  In the car, I like songs I can sing to… and “If I Die Young” is beautifully tragic.  The lyrics evoke wonderful imagery and an soul-deep sadness, laced with hope.  It’s on my list every time.

So those are my top three “mix tape” songs!

“Name three songs you’d put on a road trip mix tape.” – Plinky Prompt, Jan.22, 2009


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