black cat, blue sea award?

So there’s a lovely little blogger out there who calls herself “Me, Myself, and My Life” who has decided that my blog makes her smile, and has nominated me for a Blue Cat, Blue Sea Award.  …  Okay, I’ll bite.


According to her blog as well as some googling, it appears this award is to be given to anyone who caters to a wide variety of readers, regardless of number of followers.  The idea is: as long as the blog makes you happy, engaged, or otherwise interested, this award is for you.  I have fifteen lovely followers and I write whatever I feel like, so I guess I’m eligible.

Of course, these things come with fine print… the fine print, which is:

  • I have to answer prompts (oh darn, don’t I do that in every post anyway?).  Or not, if I’m offended or don’t want to.  But I will.
  • I have to nominate other people (I think I can scrounge up a few).  These people in turn are encouraged to answer the three prompts that I give them.  Unless they find them offensive or don’t want to.  Whatever.

So.  That’s the Blue Cat, Blue Sea award, I guess.  And these are the prompts I was given.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been 100% all about Halloween.  We weren’t allowed to trick-or-treat until middle school, but we still dressed up every year and we not only had Halloween parties at school, but I grew up in a great little town that sponsored this big, annual Halloween bash at the town hall where there’d be spooky treats, a costume contest, music, and of course… a haunted house.  Then as I got older, there’s been trick-or-treating, and now as an adult there’s handing out candy which I love, and I still dress up at work with the other twelve (out of eight hundred) employees in the office.  YAY.

Dream vacation with the closest person in your life?

Well, that would depend on who you ask.  The closest person would, obviously, be my husband… but we disagree about destination.  My husband enjoys going south to more tropical locations, or to “thrill” locations.  He would be down with roller coasters and parasailing in Hawaii.  Not my jam.

For me, I would love to go backpacking across western Europe.  Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Spain… I have such difficulty choosing just one destination.  I want to see the land and landmarks, the people and the places.  I want to photograph these places myself and keep the memories close to my heart forever.  I want to see the White Cliffs of Dover and the Running of the Bulls!  The Eiffel Tower and the Venetian Canals.  These days, it’s a dream that’s becoming more and more complicated in not just time and money… but with Brexit and the upcoming American Presidential Election of Doom… who knows what the future holds.

How do you deal with long-distance friendships?

In short?  I don’t.  I wish I did.  I used to so well.  I have this friend whom I have never met in person who lives in England.  She’s beautiful, she’s smart, and she’s 400 miles away.  We used to email back-and-forth every day during high school.  About every week in college.  Now, we see each other in passing on Instagram and Facebook.  I have friends in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, DC, and even in the same town that I don’t talk to as much as I ought.  I suppose that’s the thing about technology – we’ve made it so easy to get in contact that it’s difficult to make excuses.  My personal difficulty is: I’d be more than happy to grab coffee with anyone, anytime, only… I don’t know what to talk about.  I live a fairly mundane life, and I don’t have kids so I can’t wax on about them (not to mention it’s sorta obnoxious when talking to friends-without-kids).  I’m married, so I have no dating stories.  We don’t go on exotic vacations.  Frankly, these days a lot of my conversations revolve around pop culture and one of my coworkers whose misadventures make me chuckle.  So I don’t reach out to these people because I wouldn’t run up to them with a big, super-adult-dignified-whatever hug… but because I don’t know what to say!

So now I get to nominate some blogs that I really enjoy reading for this award.  These are three very different blogs – one is brief and snarky, another bright and optimistic, and another honest and struggling but beautiful.  I enjoy reading them for all these reasons, and I recommend them to anyone.

Angela Montijo
Agreeable Things

The other site I was going to nominate was deleted, so that’s a bummer. That’s the problem with liking these little, not-super-established blogs! They disappear. 😦  For the rest that I read on a daily basis, they’re mostly druidry blogs that are well established and definitely cater to a certain audience, so not eligible.  Nonetheless, the two above are wonderful reads and I highly recommend them.

Ladies, should you choose to accept the award and answer the prompts, my questions are:

  • What inspires you most in your daily life?
  • What do you love about yourself, that others may find strange (a quirk or charming peculiarity)?
  • Have you had any hobbies since childhood that you still enjoy?  If so, what?

I just looked around and I was also nominated for the same award by By the Wayside.  Oh dear… seems it’s going around like a bad cold. 🙂  I jest – it’s nice to have a little community.  But I’m not going to answer another set of questions!  This is what I get for being offline yesterday.  I should be offline more often….

Thank you both for thinking of me.  I’m glad you like my little corner of the woods.


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

5 thoughts on “black cat, blue sea award?

      1. That’s the goal, mostly in hopes that others, maybe with similar experiences, will feel emboldened – enough to write their own stories. It’s the most compelling thing we can do as humans – write our own stories. Leave our legacy behind. Even if it doesn’t end up in the limelight, someone, somewhere, will learn a thing or two

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