i’ll make a monster out of you. ;)

I love creating things.  I love embarking upon new projects and ruthlessly flinging aside the old.  I love the process of visualizing a thing.  I move furniture around in my head like this, flinging images from one side to another to open up space, color a room… or just make room for more stuff.  I like taking nothing – a blank wall, a canvas, even a pumpkin! – and turning it into something.

At Halloween, there are so many opportunity to make something pretty, scary, or just plain different.  There’s costumes (I’ve been plotting out Charlie Bradbury for Rhode Island Comic Con, but need a few more pieces and funds are low right now… so maybe not), and there’s pumpkins… and that’s the bare minimum.  Here in our office, my team Is traditionally very competitive on the pumpkin/gourd decorating front.  See, we are provided with gourds and three categories to choose from.  Top three entries in each category get free lunch.  Free lunch.

This is my third Halloween with the company.  The first year I was here, we did a scene of “classic Hollywood monsters”.  I created the mummy.  I had never seen the film before, so I got really into character, and pulled out the old 1932 “The Mummy” featuring Boris Karloff.  Admittedly not as frightening as I expected, but… Boris Karloff.

I was a fan of Frank and Dracula, but we had the Wolfman, Swamp Thing, and assorted other spooks.  We decided to paint it all in shades of grey to stay true to the genre.  We won second prize in scariest and got free lunch.  Huzzah!

Last year, we decided to go Technicolor with The Wizard of Oz.  I have fewer pictures of last year, as I was unable to journey upstairs and see the menagerie gathered, but I created Glinda the Good Witch.  My friend Jimmy killed it with the Wicked Witch of the West.  We had the Scarecrow, who sat on its maker’s desk well into January, and a gorgeous Cowardly Lion.  My boss still has the Tin Woodman he made (it dried up beautifully).  I has aimed to keep Glinda, but, well… mold.

Anyways!  We won first prize in the Most Creative category and got free lunch. Cha-ching!

This year, things are different.  We’ve got a Star Wars theme, but we’re so busy and the theme is a little less accessible to the less geeky among us (not me… I don’t know half as much as my boss, but talk Star Wars to me sometime… it’s embarrassing.)  The gourds are due Friday and I’m not seeing the transformation yet.

I’ve got mine on my desk.  It’s going to be R2D2.  I’m off to work on it on my lunch break in 15 minutes because goshdarnit, I want more free lunch.  Also, it’s fun.

Happy Halloween-season folks!

Transformation.” – Daily Post Prompt


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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