I like this Daily Post prompt.  Bludgeon.  It is an evocative word.  I think of Fred and George Weasley with their bats, battling the rogue bludger that tried to kill Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I think of an episode of NCIS (or Castle, or Psych, or SVU, or pick-your-crime-show) where the victim is bludgeoned to death.  Whatever way I turn it in my head, this word is ugly, vicious, and bloody.  The phrase “smashed to a pulp” comes to mind.

And yet, with our casual language, words like “bludgeon” don’t have to be so heavy.  They don’t have to be a literally club to murder someone with… and yet… lets examine this just a little further.

What is a “bludgeon” (noun) but a club?  And what is a club but a bat?  A bat used for beating people?

See, now all I can think of is baseball, which is a far cry from where I began.

But since I’m here….

Despite being a strict and loyal not-sports fan, I do want to offer a round of impressed and supportive applause to the Cubs, who broke their curse last night (one year too late as Back to the Future fans know) and won the World Series!  As a New Englander, I know I’m supposed to strictly adhere to the Red Sox, but… as a New Englander, I remember Game 7 in ’04 so…

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!

(And that is nowhere near where this post began….)

Bludgeon.” – Daily Post Prompt


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