november supermoon

Did everyone see the moon last night?

I’ve never been good at taking nighttime photographs, regardless of camera, so I’m going to share one taken by someone else.

The November Supermoon rising over NYC, from the Oxford Eagle.

Isn’t that stunning?  I love it when nature ruffles her tailfeathers like this.  It serves as a reminder to show us a glimpse of the wonder that the world offers us.  I like to think it opens the eyes of some to its value and worth, because I think too many have forgotten.

I had completely forgotten about the supermoon until I saw it.  We were driving from my parents’ house (where we put Matt’s Ninja in storage) to my sister-in-law’s for a birthday dinner for my nephew when it crept over the treeline.  Big, peachy orange, genuinely the largest moon I’ve ever seen.  It was absolutely breathtaking.

For those who missed it, you missed out on a spectacular sight.  The next supermoon that large will be in 2034.

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