One of my friends is reading one of my favorite books for the first time.  She texted me this morning to say she really likes it, but it feels so close and personal and it makes her want to cry (paraphrased).  Those types of books are my favorite because they are so well-written that they elicit an emotional response from the reader.

The particular book in question this time is The Book Thief by Marcus Zuszak.  I find the novel engrossing, enraging, beautiful, and tragic.  It is the sort of story I could read over and over again because each time you are swept away in Liesel’s story so completely.  You want to give the sweet child a hug and rescue her from so much sadness.

I think that the best stories are the ones that tug at our heartstrings, because it is so easy to be cold and indifferent to the world.  It’s a defense mechanism we’ve developed, to keep ourselves safe and successful.  We forget that there is a power of good in words, not just a power of manipulation and fear.

Words can make you feel beautiful.  Words can show you incredible worlds.  World can wrap you up in sunshine or put you out in the rain.  Words have this incredible ability to twist a heart or lift one.  They are the closest thing to magic that I know of.  That’s why I have always been a bookworm, an author, a bibliophile.

I think in these days, it’s good to have a book that speaks to you, pulls you into another universe.  Just at the moment, I’m in the middle of three – The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, and Menagerie by Rachel Vincent.

Anybody reading anything good?


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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