rainy days

I think that looking out the window on a rainy day is like looking at an old black and white photograph.  The sky is the same color as the pavement and the trees look like they’re melted as their branches droop towards the marshy ground.  Everything is grey and gloomy.

I am a colorful person – I like paisley and painted walls and colored pens.  I have colorful mugs and a pair of lime green shoes that go with literally no clothing I own… just because they’re bright and chipper.  Rainy days feel so faded – almost as if they are unfinished… as though the painter left his brush and went home instead to weep.

On days like yesterday and today, when the weather teeter-tots between despair and slush, a hot beverage is an absolute must.  For most, that beverage is coffee.  I like tea most the time because it’s easy and there’s not a lot of junk in it… but I make the world’s best hot chocolate.

Okay, that may be hyperbole, but I do make really good hot chocolate.  I learned to do it when I was in middle school, quickly learning that not only am I particularly picky about my cocoa, but I wanted to make the perfect cup for my little brother.  Although the base remains a normal powdered cocoa mix, I add cinnamon, sometimes nutmeg or chili powder.  I use a mixture of cream, milk, water.  I sometimes add peppermint extract or hazelnut flavor.  Sometimes I top it with marshmallows, sometimes fluff, sometimes whipped cream.  However I do it, it’s always rich and decadent.

Something warm and sweet is the perfect cure to a dreary, rainy day.  Warm beverages trickle down into your soul – you can feel the heat pulsing through your body.  It lifts you up out of the grey and puddles and into a better place.

So, with that said… I think I’m going to go make myself a mug of cocoa.


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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