Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 12/24/16

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers do this weekly roundup about the fun mundane stuff they’ve accomplished in their weeks that has made them smile, or is worthy of remembrance, and I rather like that, so I’m going to try it for a couple weeks until I get lazy.  Most call it “Saturday Coffee” but I’m a true blue tea drinker, alors, mine shall be the Weekly Tea Time for My Soul, posted Saturdays at 4:00PM EST because everyone knows that tea is at four.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll be scones!  I adore scones.




Sunday of this week was chiefly spent cooking – my department Christmas Party/Potluck was on Monday and it’s a rare treat to have the free time to actually make something from scratch, so the hubby and I whipped up our famous Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs for the event.  I was overall feeling pretty worn down on Sunday, so the meatballs were quite enough work for me!  The recipe is from a Buzzfeed video adapted from a Reddit discussion… it’s the weirdest source I’ve ever had but you can’t argue with the results… check it out here!


Monday was the department Christmas party, in which three of my courageous coworkers donned horrible Christmas sweaters, and we all brought in food – chiefly consisting of a mountain of donuts which lasted three days… apparently my department runs on Dunkin’!  We also exchanged our Secret Santa gifts.  I got my Santee a Breugger’s gift card and a copy of New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver, which was a rousing success because Oliver is her favorite poet and I did my research like a boss.

My Secret Santa got me a case of loose tea samplers, which would seem sort of generic except I typically drink two mugs of tea a day and they smell wonderful and I was delighted.  Huzzah!


Posted: Thank You For Being a Friend and Okay, Universe, I’m Listening.


Fun fact about me.  Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week.  The exciting moment of this Tuesday was my three hour commute home that should only take 90 minutes.  We’re going to skip Tuesday.

Posted: Scrooge.


Wednesday consisted of the wrapping of the last Christmas present, which was for my brother, and I find absolutely delightful.  Now all our not-staying-here presents are packed up and ready to go on the Christmas Eve and Christmas rounds!


Meanwhile, our sad little tree continues to look better than it usually does, tucked away in the corner next to all our dusty board games.

And because I’m feeling a bit bratty, these are the Christmas ornaments we picked up as our 2016 choices.  I decided to keep it classy and Christmassy with some Frosty the Snowman.


And my husband decided to be his typical self and, well, Rick Grimes.  Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without The Walking Dead on your tree.



Thursday it snowed again, which was just fine since I worked from home this Thursday.  I got to stand in front of our living room window during a phone conference and watch it fall, and it was stunning.  If I don’t have to drive in it, I think the snow is beautiful, especially here in rural New Hampshire, where it stays crisp and white all season.

I’ve been getting more new friends in the mail, too, and between Wednesday and Thursday I amassed four Funko Pop figures.  I’m totally not in a Star Wars mood, I swear.  More to come!



Christmas Eve’s Eve.  We were served a pancake breakfast at work, which was tres delicieux, and then everything in my department broke and we played catch up in a happy panic all day.  It was all okay, though, because the whole time all I could think about was the upcoming three-day weekend.  Woohoo!

On the not-so-bright side, my husband wore his ugly Christmas sweater to work today, and it’s just the worst.  He loves it.


Posted: Rebellions are Built on Hope.


Christmas Eve.  So busy.  There’s a Tollhouse Cookie Pie to be made.  We’ve got two Christmas get-togethers tonight – first at my husband’s aunt’s, and then at his brother’s. I am cheerfully looking forward to my annual bacon-coated cheese ball and praying the niece and nephew will like the gifts we got them.  They’re not Hatchimals, but well, we do our best.  Why are kids so hard to buy for these days?

And tomorrow is Christmas.  Already?  When did that happen?!

Well then….

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.  ❤


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