Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 12/31/16

A quick, non-related request to anyone out there before the regularly scheduled programming…

This morning, I got a message from one of my best friends saying his dad called this morning and his mother was cold and unresponsive in bed… I’ll be spending most my day waiting for news from him, and being as supportive as possible.  If there’s anyone out there with some sway with God / the gods / Buddha / Anubis / Allah / anyone… prayers for his family would be appreciated.   ❤

Thanks, all!


The last day of 2016.  Thank goodness.  Looking forward to 2017 has been my theme all week.  I just hope it’s as good as I want it to be!


Sunday was Christmas!  We had an excellent brunch at my parents’ house then dinner at my mother-in-laws.  There are no pictures, because I decided to enjoy myself instead.  It was lovely only having to travel a couple towns over instead of into another state, but by the time we got home, I was exhausted.  We’ll do it all again next year!


Since Monday was Christmas Day Observed, we didn’t do much but laze around the house and it was excellent.  It was a much needed day of rest after the festivities.  We packed away our Christmas loot, then my parents stopped by bearing cookies.  Then hung around for a couple hours while my husband struggled to show my dad how to play… anything… on our PS4.  Overall, painless.  I got a bunch of housework done, too!

My mum also brought an adorable snowman picnic basket-esque thing filled with homemade cookies, popcorn, and other wintery goodies.  Moms are the best.


Tuesday was nose-back-to-the-grindstone.  My day started off chipper, but as things started to go wrong, I ended up having to work a 10 hour day, skipping my lunch break, and I really just wanted to go home.  But nothing is ever that simple…

You have no idea how frustrating it is to arrive at the place that always creates massive traffic jams, only to land at a full stop because people in Massachusetts hate using their blinkers and someone scratched their fender.

Because I have an 87 mile commute (yes, this is 22 miles in and still 1hr30min to go!  At least….) my boss lets me work a 7am-3:30pm shift so I miss rush hour.  The mornings are always awesome, but the afternoons are tricky.  Leaving at 4:15pm meant I did not get home at the predicted 6:15pm for sure.

A picture of my scenic winter commute home.  Isn’t it just breathtaking? Ohwait.

Posted: Deflated, Lifestyle Change #1: Parenthood.


My favorite part about Wednesday was that I got my SantaThing (secret Santa over on LibraryThing) books in the mail!  I love getting surprise books in the mail!  I scored Howl’s Moving Castle (which I’ve shamefully never read), Shadow & Bone, and one I’ve never heard of before but my Santa highly recommended: The Killing Moon.  I can’t wait to read them all in the new year!

So pretty.  This is my entire Christmas book haul.  No matter how many times I mention it, nobody will buy me books anymore. *sniff*

Posted: Lifestyle Change #2: Yoga.


Thursday was a snowstorm!  Where I work in Massachusetts, it was only raining, but my husband and I were watching the weather forecasts all day, and sure enough by the time we hit Fitchburg – wham!

All the snow.

Don’t worry, that was taken out the passenger-side of the windshield.  My husband won’t let me drive when it’s snowing like that and he’s in the car, so hey, fine by me!

It was actually less slippery than it looks.  My car is a beast and we took it slow, but it was pretty cool to look at!  The snowflakes in this particular area were about the size of half-dollars, very nifty.

I tried to take some pictures out the window of interesting things on the drive like snow-covered trees and Christmas lights, but it was dark and I don’t know what super-ninja powers some of you have over your iPhones, but my iPhone 6 just does not take the same pretty pictures as some of y’all get.

Believe it or not, this is about 6″ of snow and it was still falling strong.
This would be a pretty picture of a house with Christmas lights and an inflatable snowman on the porch, but instead it’s a psychedelic blur.

See?  Super blurry and fuzzy around the edges, and bah.  Oh well!

Posted: Lifestyle Change #3: Financial Intelligence, Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (on The Literary Phoenix).


Friday was my work-from-home day this week.  I’ve made a New Years Resolution not to buy any Funko collectibles in 2017, so I spent some time yesterday rounding up the pieces I needed to finish out a few sets I’ve been working on (thank you, overtime) and pretty much laid low.

We dug into the annual Steam Winter sale too and purchased a couple of super important games, such as Slime Rancher.


Posted:  Lifestyle Change #4: Creative Reawakening.


Today is New Years’ Eve.  It’s be a long, rough year and I’m ready for it to be done.  My husband and I aren’t celebrating, we just go to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and stay in.

Well that’s all from me for this year!  See y’all on the other side!



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