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When my mother visited us the day after Christmas, she said something that made me chuckle.  She said, “You should consider becoming an interior designer.”  My mom clearly does not read enough Apartment Therapy (guilty pleasure).  It may be because she hasn’t been in the apartment since our moving day six months ago, but I am nothing further from an interior designer.  Thanks anyways, Mom!

In today’s post, I’m going to outline the things I really like about each room in my house, and the things that I’m not in love with.  Will I change these things?  Maybe.  Probably not.   They are part of what gives our home character.  By the end of this post, however, you will absolutely agree with me that I don’t interior design.  Nope.  Not even a little.

The Living Room

That sexy cardboard box in the corner is a temporary fixture.

One of my two favorite rooms in the house – when we moved in, we (I) decided to paint 1-2 walls in each room to add character and pizzazz and the living room has a grey-blue called faded faux flower.  I love this color – while I teeter-tottered on some of the other colors, faded faux flower was going to be the living room.  This color reminds me of something regal, and decidedly French.  The curtain rod has fleur du lis on the ends.  The furniture set we picked up perfectly matched the colors, and we even stumbled on curtains at Ikea that matched the colors in the couch, rug, and walls.  It was a good day.

I think that the paint color and the scarcity of items on the walls makes this room really welcoming.  I’m a use-all-the-walls person (as you’ll see as we go on) but the only things hanging on these walls are the fake crown molding to hide my husband’s “essential” surround sound wires and the two art prints I picked up in a discount bin at Bernie & Phyl’s when we got our couch.

On the other hand…

Dammit, I’m just now realizing I missed one of the stockings.  Up to the attic I go….

My husband and I are both film and video game people, which means that even though we’ve gone streaming, we still have a lot of DVDs, plus video games and all their millions of accessories.  One of our goals this year to to stop accumulating stuff for games that have figures, etc.  In the meanwhile, try as I might, our television area is still pretty cluttered.  And it gets so dusty.

The Kitchen

Fun fact – the paint on the spice racks was just leftover from the walls in the two bedrooms.

The kitchen is the bane of my existence.  Everyone – and I mean everyone – tells me how much they like my spice rack, and I’ve had a few compliments on the balloon animal bookends on top of my fridge.  What they don’t know is that I have a whole drawer of other spices, and I never use those cookbooks (yay, Paprika!).  I have a busy fridge and we have a gorgeous collection of Fiesta dishes that would light up the yellowy, dreary kitchen if I could show them off.  Except I can’t.

See, even the things I’ve tried to do to the kitchen have made it worse.

This picture has my two favorite things in my kitchen – the ferris wheel print and the Cheshire Cat cookie jar.  Someday, when I have my own home, my kitchen will be a cross between a carnival theme and Disney memorabilia.

The cabinets are awful.  The shelves inside are strong, solid wood (thank goodness, because my dishes are heavy) but the outside are very viva la 1970s.  Add the awful light fixtures and the off-white yellowing paint that we were “recommended” to let be, and we’ve got a mess.  So I keep adding more and more to it, hoping it will get better.

It doesn’t.

I don’t even want to talk about my cluttered counters.

The Bathroom

The shark silhouette we stumbled across at Target.  I’ve got no shame grabbing things that fit my theme from wherever I can find them!

When we first signed our lease, I was worried about the bathroom.  The unit we saw had a terribly off-center sink cabinet, a really low mirror, and that was it.  When we got our keys, I was relieved.  This bathroom, for an apartment bathroom, was not so bad.  We still added a glass shelf, and of course there are candles and sharks.  Because my husband loves sharks.

There’s really very little you can do to recover from an apartment bathroom, especially when your building was a cookie-cutter style apartment building constructed in the 1970s.  A lot about my apartment is 1970s.

The shark carving above the mirror is one of my favorite knick-knacks.  Still, I wish we could take out that vanity and put in a wide, flat mirror.

All in all, I’m just happy that it’s not too bad.

The Master Bedroom

So much color!

Despite how busy my bedroom is, I really like it.  We only painted one wall, but it’s a bold Caribbean blue shade called “Aquarium”.  I love it.  Between that color and the grey-brown shade of our bedroom furniture, the room feels very relaxing.  I enjoy doing yoga there, and I enjoy being in there.  I enjoy my collection of colorful Pops on the wall.  Someday, the chair will move and my desk will be there.  But for now, I very much enjoy sitting on my bed and staring at the color and feeling alive.

Where I’ve put a lot of love and effort into the area I see sitting on my bed – from the melting clock to my wedding bouquet – the other half of the room gets very dull and falls short.

I feel like I need something tall next to my candle shelf.

The window behind the bed takes up a lot of space, and because of our headboard, we can’t really open it.  That section monopolizes the back wall.  Add to that beautiful things like laundry baskets and shelves that need hanging, and pictures that are off-center (gah) the backside of the master bedroom is underwhelming.

The Office/Library/Second Bedroom

The cat tower will be relocating as soon as I take down the Christmas tree….

This room feels unfinished.  Which is right and fair, I suppose.  We’re using it as an office/library at the moment (books!) but someday, it’s going to be the baby’s room.  I love the library aspect of it, but there’s something about it that just makes me not to want to go into it.

It may be how it feels like we’ve just thrown stuff in there.  The dual office chairs make for a crowded room on one side.  The green on the walls, “Pistachio,” seemed lovely and engaging at the time, but now it just makes me fidgety.

It’s not just me, right?  This feels empty.

We’ll clean it all up and make it nicer when it’s a nursery.  For now, we make do.

So that’s my home, in all it’s colors and retro grandeur.  It’s definitely nothing to brag about, but it’s where I come back to every day.  I didn’t even clean before taking all these photos.

What are your favorite things about your home?


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