Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 1/7/17


Happy Saturday all!  How did your first week of 2017 go?


On one hand, I am motivated to start this year as something good and leave 2016 behind.  I’ve discussed in length how I’ve felt let down by last year, and how I desperately want this year to bring good health and happiness.  For myself personally, I feel I’ve started well.

I started my first day of the Yoga Revolution as soon as I got up.

I’m so excited for this month’s videos.  And a small luxury – practicing in the living room instead of tucked away in the bedroom.

I wasn’t the only one who decided to yoga it up this morning, either.

He’s a little more flexible than me.

Overall I really liked the start of the practice.  It was a good way to clear my head and start the day.  I wish I had the luxury of a morning practice every day!

On the other hand, one of my dearest friends lost his mother New Years Eve and is understandably devastated.  We spent some time being a distraction for him, and I am putting loads of energy into making sure he doesn’t disappear into his grief.  Prayers for him and his family would be appreciated.


Once again, no work today!  January is my favorite working month, because we’ve got three days off built right into the schedule.  It was New Years Day Observed, so we finished up some projects.  Mine was to strip down some Christmas decor, but my husband had the big project, which was to hang some shelves in the bedroom for his swords and Pops.

Drilling holes and listening to the Sword of Truth series like a boss.

This is a thinking-ahead project, because right now, his collectibles are fine.  However, when/if we have a baby, lots of things will be moving around and I want to be as prepared as possible and make the work load lighter when I can’t help.  Besides, I always find it’s easier to do a few projects here and there than a whole bunch all at once.

He tucked in his sloth his sister-in-law gave him for Christmas!  Sometimes, my husband makes me chuckle.


Back to work today!  Like last week, I was determined to be cheerful.  It took two mugs of green tea and a few of my mum’s wonderful jam thumbprint cookies, but I made it work!

Sleepy cat is sleepy.  And in my spot, dammit.


Sometimes, days punch me in the face.  Wednesday was like that – a blue day, I call them.  I finished listening to a particularly glum audiobook in the morning and tried to bury myself in a new ones to push away the heavy sadness.  This one is Boston Girl by Anita Diamant.  It is very good.

I brought in a new set of pops for my desk of January.  They, at least, bring a little color and cheer.

Veruka is my favorite.

I love the details on this set, right down to itsy bitsy tiny Mike Teevee.
And of course, Mr. Wonka himself.


I’ve already broken my first resolution and I skipped Wednesday’s yoga because my shoulder was in screaming pain.  Not a very good excuse, but there it is.

In a sort of impromptu mania, we went to dinner with our best friends.  Nothing super extravagant, but can I just say that when her sister isn’t there to psych her up, their two-year-old is the sweetest, best behaved child I’ve ever seen in a restaurant.  An elderly couple even stopped by the table to say how impressed they were.  That is a sign you’re winning at parenthood, my friends.

Side note, lots of tummy cramps this week and I’m not a superfan.  TMI?


Into the office with Matt!  Running documents today, so that makes me a jack-of-all-trades in the department, and I get to exercise running up and down three flights of stairs every hour.

No yoga happened again on Thursday because of a migraine, so I’m going to have to double up this weekend.  Not a very good start at all.  Checking in on other goals, though, Fertility Friend says I’ve ovulated (TMI, I know, I know), I’ve started our tax returns (just waiting on 1095-HCs), and I’ve been trying to plot all week.  Plotting is very slow going, but I think it’s essential.


Happy today!

Today is to be brownie-making, Christmas-tree-packing-up, and an afternoon watching old movies and/or game playing with friends.  Saturdays are meant to be lovely and relaxing, surrounded by good people and with a feeling of productivity, n’est pas?

I’d love to hear about everyone’s weeks!  I hope they’ve been lovely!

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