Weekly Tea Time For My Soul – 1/14/17


Happy Saturday all.

Some weeks, I feel like my lungs are a lead balloon – this was one of those weeks!  Every day was an emotional and mental struggle.  I’m tired.  I’m weary.  It’s rainy out.  In trying to take care of a friend, I’m not taking care of myself, and therefore I’m not taking care of anyone.  The usual little gems.


The start of the week was my favorite, because other than a flurry of chores, I gave myself permission for my husband and I to laze around the apartment all day and play childish video games.  Really – that was the specific goal: pajamas and video games.

Some day, I’ll write a post defending an adult loving the Lego and Disney Infinity video games, but for now suffice it to say we had fun running through Back to the Future and a few of the main levels, and we started the Doctor Who Level Pack (not a fan… sorry!  too much wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff).

We also played through the Ghostbusters level.  Love Peter Venkman’s face.  Do all the kits come with the same expressions?


It was negative four when I left the house Monday morning.  Not a fan.  This Monday also started a five day work week (I know, I know, I’m blessed to have the occasional four day one) and so the week immediately seemed infinite.


No. Nothing about Tuesdays ever make me smile.  It’s a curse.


It was 55-degrees in Massachusetts Wednesday afternoon, and even though my back and shoulders and feet were killing me from stooping over the scanner all day, I relished in it.  Compared to Monday… well, this is New England weather.

On a sadder note, on the way home Tuesday, I passed a major accident on Route 128.  When I looked it up Thursday morning, and it turned out that a school bus tipped over with 22 students riding back home.  Horrible.  Thank goodness, there were no deaths and no major injuries, but when I passed and saw the crumpled school bus, it near about broke my heart.

Look at how perfectly blue that sky is!  Also there were helicopters hovering over Waltham all day.  I suspect it may be related to the accident..


In the office today!  It was mostly a dull day, but Matt drove in so I was able to cling on to sleep for a couple extra hours, and we listened to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the way home.  Always nice!


The long awaited weekend draws near!  I worked from home Friday – an extra treat, as it was a long weekend!  I also got some new mugs in the mail – super exciting.  I didn’t take any pictures, because they’ll pop up someday as the header to one of these.


Overall, it was a pretty low key week.  Much tired.  But it was an awesome mail week for your average geek – books, Lego Dimensions stuff, and I even got a few Disney pins and a letter from one of my pencils.  Later today, I’ll be baking cookies for our friends, then my husband and I are taking my mum out to lunch.  I’m actually a quite capable baker, but I hate doing the dishes!  Still, it’s nice for the house to smell like cookies.

What’s on the agenda for you today?

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    1. Aw, thank you for stopping in! Your story is fascinating – I love the excerpts. Tiny pieces of history are so enlightening of the people who wrote them and the times they were written in. 🙂

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