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There used to be much ado about invitations.  Birthday invitations, wedding invitations, show invitations, invitations to balls and parties and galas.  These days, there’s texting, word of mouth, and Facebook Event invites.  It’s all tres décontractée.  Very casual.  One of my favorite parts of getting invited to weddings is the gorgeously designed invitations – despite the fact that most of these are templates.  Papercraft is beautiful, and so incredibly neglected.

Our rehearsal dinner invites were on silver card and mailed in metallic purple envelopes – gorgeous.

When we got married in 2015, I sat down and chose three aspects that I wanted to be as close to perfect as possible, within our budget.  For many, these are: the venue, the dress, and the photography.  For myself, I detest posed pictures, the dress is for only one day, and the venue was in control of my limited budget.  We decided that the honeymoon was important, and we budgeted a large percentage of our budget to that.  Then, the food – it couldn’t be fancy, but it should be delicious.  Finally, and this is a bit foolish perhaps, I wanted to love my invitations.

Admittedly, I quickly regretted the black RSVP envelopes.  Classy, but no return addresses!  There was some serious guesswork involved on the replies of a few.

Flowers wilt and die – at best they lose color – but items made from paper last an eternity if well treated.  The dress would be too fancy to wear again (see this post about my wedding dress).  But the invitations can be pressed into photo albums and kept.

I loved my paper bouquets, too.  Made from some of my favorite books – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThe Hunger Games, and The Princess Bride.  I had three others I wanted to include, but well… the bouquets were getting too big.

It’s difficult to explain to techno-modern world the beauty of hard copy things, but whether it’s a book or frilly invitation, there’s something timeless and exquisite about it.

(Also, I’m kicking myself because I didn’t take an actual pictures of my wedding invitations to post alongside this!  Oh well.)

I’m a bridesmaid for a wedding in October 2017.  I’m hoping she decides to go hard copy with the invitations… but we’ll see.  I’m looking forward to helping my bride!



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