Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 1/21/17


Happy Saturday everyone!

The Women’s March on Washington is today and I am scared, excited, and touched.  I’ve already written a post on it…mostly of pictures of the marches around the world.  It is incredible.

Despite the long weekend, this week was exhausting!  I can’t wait until the sun comes back full force to the northern hemisphere – all this driving in the dark is really draining me.

I’m going to start at last Saturday from now on, I think, since I post this so early… so lets start there.


My bride-to-be cancelled her dress shopping, so I ended up with the day a bit more open!  We started off by taking my mother out to lunch, which was nice.  We went to Longhorn and took advantage of their lunch menu.  She also surprised us with some treats.

The closest Stonewall Kitchen is in Nashua, which is a hike from us.  I am so excited about this jam, I can’t even tell you.

After lunch, we came home and alternated between playing more of Lego Dimensions (we’re on a roll) and baked our weekly batch of cookies.  For this week, we decided on M&M cookies!

Even the picture looks good enough to eat.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, and believe me, they were delicious.  However, when we brought them over to Chris & Sarah’s Saturday night, two things happened.  One,  the toddler decided she was only going to eat the M&Ms out of the cookies.  Two, Sarah (my bride to be!) scolded me for making them cookies every week because she says she’s going to gain all sorts of weight before October.  I told her not to eat them, and she took another bite and rolled her eyes.  I’m pretty sure that was a compliment of some sort!


Sunday was a bit of a blue day for me.  This cycle is over, which means we’ll be back to TTC.  It hit me harder than I expected.  I slept late and a cried a bit – all very glamorous to be sure.


My personal goal in life, when I have a day off, is to spend as much time as possible sleeping and being lazy.  There was much sleeping, napping, and video gaming.  As horribly lazy as it seems, this behavior is absolutely essential to surviving the week.  It was doubly essential this week, as my alarm went off at 2:30am for Tuesday!

I also made more cookies.  Big Bakery-Style Peanut Butter Chunk Cookies, to be exact.  Has anyone checked out Sally’s Baking Addiction?  You simply must – everything she bakes is incredible.


One of the parts of being an obsessively diligent worker is drawing the short straw.  As such, I pulled the early shift after the holiday weekend and went in to start at 6:00am.  To be on the safe side, I leave at 3:30am for that shift.  It usually pays off, and I only get there a little early.  It’s not that I live so far (87mi) but I always seem to get stuck behind a lollygagging truck going 10mph under the speed limit where there are no passing zones.

There is a lovely peacefulness in being in the office so early in the morning.  I’d be lying if I  said I did not enjoy it.


There was a bit of an ice and snow storm in my neck of the woods Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, so driving was a little sketchy.  We made it through, however, with a little time to spare.  I take some comfort in knowing that I can make it into the office when folks who only live a couple towns away from it are uncomfortable driving in.  It’s not even a safety issue – growing up 15mi from school and work in rural New Hampshire taught me to drive in the snow.  Moreso, it taught me to drive in a ’97 Mitsubishi Mirage, so in a ’13 Nissan Rogue?  I got this.

My world at 3:00am.  All is quiet, heavy, and white.  Lovely.  Untouched.

It was lovely out, too.  I dislike the snow, I dislike driving in the snow, I dislike the cold.  But to look at – it is beautiful.  Every snowfall is stunning.

The downside of bad weather means the commute home is dreadful, so Matt and I stopped at UNOs for dinner.  It’s one of my favorite chains, and I desperately miss the one in my hometown.

You cannot imagine my glee at this jambalaya.  I love jambalaya, but there’s no point making it at home, because my husband won’t eat it (too many tomatoes, I guess).  This was delicious.

Dinner was tasty and heartwarming.  There’s nothing like proper New Orleans cuisine to warm the soul!  And then there’s the dessert, which I ate too quickly to photograph.


My work from home day!

I started the morning off with trying to catch up with some of my shows.  I’m now up-to-date on Bones, Timeless, Salem, and The Librarians.  Meanwhile, I’ve still got Man in the High Castle, Emerald City, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I watch too much television.

Seriously, though, is anyone watching Timeless!?!

Photo from the episode "The World's Columbian Exposition"
“No big deal, I just tricked your friends into The World’s Fair Hotel.  You know – H.H. Holmes’ murder castle?!?!”

Some episodes of this show are hit-or-miss, but this week’s episode?  I’m in love.  I’m well familiar with the Chicago World’s Fair (!) and H.H. Holmes (!!) with especial thanks to Devil in the White City, but add in Houdini (!!!).  It was by far my favorite episode of the show.


There are days when the shuffle function on my iPhone just gets me.  Friday was one of those days.  From Sara Bareilles to Breaking Benjamin, music spoke to me.  Sometimes, when there’s no place to escape to, it’s lovely to feel understood and not alone.  How tres angsty teenager of me.  Mais, c’est vrai.

Oh yes, and there was inauguration.  I have many, many feelings about that, which I am shoving deep down inside myself because it’s a bad habit to discuss politics and religion in good company… pfft.

My parents were getting rid of their large couch-bed, so we helped move that after work, as our friends were taking it.  We spent a little time and Chris and Sarah’s (we never leave there these days, I swear), and then home to build the fun packs that came in this week, a little home inventory (because good habits!) and then muchos bed.  It was an exhausting, busy, anxiety-ridden day!

And here we are – back to the present.  Today is more cookies, and a breakfast casserole, then off to Chris and Sarah’s for comfort/distraction after his mother’s funeral this morning.  We are falling into a pattern, I think.

How was everyone’s weeks?  Get caught up on any good TV shows?  Have any especially delicious meals this week?  I’d love to hear about it!

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