Weekly Tea Time For My Soul – 1/28/17



Bon samedimes chers!  I hope you’ve all had a deliciously lovely week!  Mine has been full of good company and good food and decidedly less good weather and situations.  Nonetheless, every day, there’s a little more sunshine, and I can’t complain about that!


Saturday had definite mixed bag potential.  I wasn’t sure how to behave.  What do you say to your best friend on the day of his mother’s funeral?  We asked him if he’d like us to go there for support, but he said he was up to his eyeballs in support, so he instead asked us to come by that evening for dinner.  Fair enough.

So we made them more cookies.

These are swirled with Nutella and crumbly and melty and perfect.

I promised Sarah this would be the last batch unless they asked for more.  Their daughter is a Girl Scout, after all, and her cookies are due any time now!  This batch was Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies, once again from Sally’s Baking Addiction.  I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t like them, but they went over well!  Huzzah!

We had a bit of running around to do in the morning, so we did that.  Fortunately, all the places we wanted to stop at were in the same plaza.  I picked up some heavily discounted Charlie Brown Funko Pops, which I was pretty excited about.

Now all I need is Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

These were $0.99 at GameStop.  Even if I didn’t want them, I could sell them on eBay and make at least 5x that.  But I do want them, because Charlie Brown.  Harley Quinn is hiding shamefully in the background because she was regular price….  Also not pictured are the discounted Mystery Minis… out of which I only got 2 new ones out of eight.  Oh well.  Can’t win every time!

Saturday evening, we went over to our friends house, where we just spent time distracting them.  We’re good at that.  Chris’ favorite dinner is breakfast-for-dinner, so we brought over an egg-bake casserole (which is delicious), bakery bread, and pancake mix for naysayers.  There were no naysayers, so yay!  It was a nice little dinner.

Sarah and their 2-year-old daughter.  She likes looking at family pictures on their phones.

These people are my favorite in the world, and it makes me so sad that they have lost someone dear to them.  Especially to start off the year of their wedding.  I am glad to see that they are allowing themselves find happiness in other parts of their lives.

We had a bit of a nice moment later on sitting around that table on our individual phones following the Women’s March.  I may have briefly mentioned in a couple posts last week how excited I was about that.  More protests are coming, or so I read.  Over the Dakota Pipeline and oppression of scientific facts.  If there’s something you believe in, join with like-minded people and stand up!


Sunday was low-key, at home.  I use Sundays to recover.  Large parts of this day were spent looking at more photos of the Women’s March.  Color me obsessed.


A regular work day.  Nothing to report!


A delicious snow (ice) storm.  It’s been a while since I’ve been really nervous to drive in the snow.  I left home at 3:00am just to get to work for 7:00am, and I needed every moment.

I made a heart.  Je suis un artiste.

There was about two inches of sleet when I left, and the roads were untreated until I was nearly at work.  I went slow, and the only time I slid was the on-ramp to the highway.  We New England girls learn to drive in bad weather.

To console myself, I convinced Matt to take me out for dinner on the remnant of our Christmas gift card.

I love the local photos in Applebees.  I also love pictures of this marquee.  Maybe I’ll go snap some new ones in the spring.

I had creamy mashed potatoes with tasty steak tips and really salty gravy.  It was pretty good.  I love pub food.  Best of all, it’s just down the street from our house.


An inspired day.  Let me explain.  I love to write, and I haven’t.  In months.  I think it’s mostly to do with all the overtime I’ve worked, and the commute, and how sometimes I don’t eat anything all day because I’m so tired by the time I get home, I just can’t.

Tuesday night, I got hit with an excellent idea.  It’s been ages, and this one came with a plot.  I never have a plot.  I wrote five pages of notes on the world it’s set in.  I have so much more to write down!  But no time, not until at least tomorrow night.  Still – exciting!


My department finally went out on our year-end celebration dinner.  We typically go someplace posh that I would never justify on my own.  This year was no exception!  We went to Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse, newly opened.  It was fancy.

Not pictured: posh red cushioned seats, chandeliers, coat-check system, and exclusive lounge, and myriad of course-specific silverware.  We were in one of the private rooms.  It was very fancy and we were severely under-dressed.

We were silly and had fun.  There was much laughing about stupid things that seemed extraordinarily foolish the next morning – and that’s without a sip of alcohol!  I don’t think that I’ve mentioned before, but for reasons ranging from dislike of flavor to a general disinterest, I don’t drink.  It explains my faltering social life.

Required image of Jimmy and Karl, two of my coworkers.  Jimmy’s White Russian was a topic of conversation long before it made its entrance.  Apparently many of my coworkers enjoy The Big Lebowski.

Everything on the menu was absurdly expensive, but the company gave us a very generous amount per person, so I found myself enjoying the most expense filet mignon I’ve every seen on a menu.

A good steak does not make a pretty picture.  This was a good steak.  For the price, it better be!

And to finish it off I had lava cake and chocolate mousse.  Several of my coworkers opted for cheesecake, and I’m glad I didn’t – it was topped with a mixture of vanilla and sour cream sprinkled with sugar.  Definitely not my cup of tea, but I guess  I’m just not posh enough.

Mmm, chocolate.

So dinner was good, in short. I look forward to the event every year!


My mail call on Friday was most excellent as I received several items I’ve been waiting on.  I got a pair of jeans I had ordered (nothing special, just needed a new pair) as well as Logan’s Run and Fahrenheit 451, two dystopias I’ve been meaning to buy for a while.

I also got my Wizarding World of Harry Potter Loot Crate, and January’s Loot for Her!

Harry Potter loot is the best kind of loot.

I really like the Wizarding World Loot Crate so far.  I was so excited to get a Sirius Black Pop – he’s one I didn’t have and have thought about snagging a few times.  I put him on the shelf far away from Bellatrix.

Overall, last month’s box was better, but the pocket watch was a cool choice, and the shirt an the socks are both fun.  I’m not particularly into the pins, and I already have a nicer time turner so I think this necklace may go to my friend’s daughter.

Isn’t that scarf just something else?  It’s the Loot for Her item!  I don’t know when I’m going to wear it, it’s got quite a lot of bravado, but it makes me happy.

So that was my action-packed week!  How’s everyone else doing?  Any rogue weather or succulent steaks?  I’d love to hear about it!

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