Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 2/4/17


Thank goodness is Saturday, and I’m sure y’all can agree!  This week was long and busy, but I feel continually grateful for the sun shining a little longer every day!


I don’t know where it came from, but I was a mountain of energy last Saturday!  We went to Chris and Sarah’s (obviously, always) and I got them connected to a work friend who is a dazzling wedding photographer, and we got their wedding website built.  I’ve decided my bridesmaid duty is to make sure that I keep her organized and on par.

When we left (they had dinner plans), we went to GameStop… and lo and behold – they had some newly released Pops in!  My husband snagged three from Naruto, and I got the adorable 6″ Horton the Elephant.  Of course, this led to me going home, observing my Pops shelf, and realizing I’m running out of space.  Which lead to a project!

My husband did the cutting.
I did the tracing and the gluing.
And our cat did the very important “napping on the boards”.

I love projects and crafting.  My husband hates it all.  This one ended up easier than he expected, et voila!

I have sort of a disorganized collection….

It added a whole additional tier.  We’ll have to do this for the top shelf too, eventually.  I love how crisp and clean it all looks!  And the extra tier.  That’s super nice.


Remember all that energy from Saturday.  Gone. Super gone.  The most exciting thing I did on Sunday was watch the latest episode of The Grand Tour and drink green tea.


You know, as much as I complain about my long drives and longer days… I find a sense of peace as I walk into the building first thing in the morning.  When I get there, I’m usually one of about five people up that early, and the building is eerily quiet.  And sort of mod-beautiful.


I like being there well enough, I just wish there’s wasn’t such a gap between me and work.  Not enough to move back to Waltham, but I do wish I could teleport there.


My big thing on Tuesday was simply that I finished listening to Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler.  I detest finishing books I’m enjoying.  I very much liked that one, though, and would definitely purchase a hard copy.


We had our annual company meeting afterhours today… which actually meant more overtime for me.  Yay?  It wasn’t bad – the speeches were shorter this year, my department continues to be the one in the background that never gets recognized, and we found out the new year’s initiatives and goals.  There were appetizers and drinks downstairs after the meeting, but we went to Olive Garden instead.

You know, I like Olive Garden.  It’s 99% because of the breadsticks.  We don’t have one close by anymore, and I was starving from not having eaten all day, so we stopped on the way home.

Angel hair with pesto and Italian sausage.  Enough to feed a small village.  Yum.

Worth it.


I was so happy to be working from on Thursday instead of Friday this week, because I was (am) exhausted.  I only got to sleep in until 5:30 (because seriously Black Sails is back and I haven’t had time to watch it yet!) but a little goes a long way.


I always love Fridays.  No matter how busy, so frustrating, they are always Friday.  I’m beginning to worry that I might have a dental abscess again, which is the worst! So I’m dealing with it with raw garlic and trying to be tres home remedy about it.  At least for now – it doesn’t hurt that much and it may just be a pesky cankersore… it’s so far back I can’t quite see it to tell.  Don’t worry – I’ll go to the dentist if I must!

“Light” traffic on rural Route 128.

The ride home was slow today, but look!  It was light when I left the office, and stayed that way most the way home!  It’s so nice to see the sunshine, and I know I say that every week, but it’s still true.  I’ve been listening to The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and trying to enjoy what I can.

You’ve got to try and enjoy the little things, right?

And here we are!  Back to Saturday!

I am super pumped to share that this weekend is destined to be a lazy one.  I’ve got a handful of chores and errands to do, but if anyone wants to hang out, the answer is going to be no.  I have to rest and spend some time with my husband.

For now, I’m thinking tea, catching up on Bones, and these fun chocolate-covered graham crackers.


I hope you all had marvelous weeks!  Catch me up on your goings-ons!

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