A Letter I Cannot Send.

Good morning.

There’s something I want to tell you.  Something I cannot tell you because you are my father.  My boss.  My president.  You think what you are doing is best, even if that is grossly misguided.  I acknowledge and respect your effort… if not the result.

So lets talk.

I am a woman.

That’s awesome.

I an intelligent.  I am compassionate.  I am bubbly.  I am not fashionable.  I am not fake.  I am honest.  I am transparent.  I work my ass off.  I worry.  I smile.  I help those I can.  None of these things make me less.  I say “good morning” and you say “hello”.  These are both greetings – neither is wrong.  I don’t wear makeup, and that’s okay.  My opinions are worth the same as yours because I am equally human.

Don’t tell me I need to dress like a business professional when you wear t-shirts.  I understand the importance of looking good in an office environment, but we should be on equal standing and you’re the boss – I take my cues from you.

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t complain about the state of the world because I’m “too young” to know anything about that.  I have seen enough of this world to know it is troubled and broken.

Don’t get upset that I can’t read your mind; you have to communicate the information to have it known.

Don’t put me up against someone else and say they are better because they are not me.  Recognize my merits; no take-backsies.  Discuss my flaws; don’t hold me to things that have not been addressed for I may not know them.  Hold me accountable.  Do not make me a scapegoat.

I want to do my best for you, but I expect respect and fairness.  Pay me the same.  Treat me the same.  Give me the same walls so I might have the opportunity to climb them.  Do not compare me to other women you have known who have scorned you.  I am myself.  I deserve to be judged by my own values and failures.  Help me grow, and I will pour my soul out to help you succeed and mold others.

Remember we are a team, not a dictatorship.  Nobody should be afraid to use their voice.  Be tactful – nobody should have to worry about hearing their name in whispers across the room, and your frustrations with any individuals should not be broadcast.

Stop bullying those you disagree with, or those you happen to cross first.  I am tired of walking on eggshells, trembling at the strained tension when I walk in the door…  We all are.

Thank you for your time and courtesy in listening.


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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