Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 2/11/17


Good morning my lovelies.

Not much to report this week!  I’ll give you the SparkNotes version!

Saturday and Sunday were spent running around and doing errands.  We went to GameStop and picked up a preorder, then washed my beautiful car.

It sort of looks like we’re being attacked by a giant, pinkish sea creature.

Afterwards, we made a great big pot of beef stew for my parents, which gave us leftovers for the entire week.  Huzzah!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all in the office.  The weather was incredibly sketchy on Tuesday and Wednesday; we got a lot of ice, but my car is a beast and made it through!  On the downside, by the time I got home Tuesday, that car wash was a bit pointless.

Thursday was switched to a work from home day, muchos gracias to the blizzard!  We were predicted to get between 9″ and 18″ of snow!  It was on the lower end (I think) but still more than enough for me!  The forecast looks like we can continue to expect more snow throughout the coming week.

This was the snow outside at about 6:30am
This was the snow outside at 9:30am
This was the snow outside at about 2:30pm.  I think around this time it just gave up and decided it would be more fun to be blown about by the wind.

Friday was my first official “I’m taking the day off to do positively nothing!” day this year!  I was very excited about it and promptly squandered it away on Twitter and playing Diablo 3 on the PS4.  It vexes me that my senior citizen father is a higher level than me.

Today will be spent with Sarah, her mother and daughter, and childhood best friend.  Overall it’s not my favorite crew of people but it’s for a special occasion!  She’s going to try on wedding dresses, a plan that has been rescheduled and postponed twice already.  I’m hoping they’ll let me take pictures.  It’s very exciting that they’re finally able to focus on getting married!

Some particular items of interest (to me) this week:

  • The Ninth Circuit court ruled against Trump’s “Muslim Ban”.  Hooray for checks and balances!  This isn’t the end of the battle, but it’s a start.
  • I was able to get a Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) Funko Pop on eBay for much less than her going price.  Will share pictures when I get her!
  • I started working on the first draft of The Network, which is a recent dystopia idea I’ve been plotting for a couple weeks.  It’s going to be long going as I’m limited in time and out of practice, but I’m excited!
  • I had gumbo this week and it was delicious and <3.
  • Kristin Stewart and the SNL cast and crew killed it last week.  At least check out the Melissa McCarthy skit, if you haven’t already.
  • The Patriots won Super Bowl 51 and Lady Gaga’s halftime show was awesome.
  • My favorite photographer continues to add new artwork to Flickr despite the fact that it’s been 8 years running, and it makes my heart happy.  Here’s one of my favorites by her:


There is so much emotion in that photograph for me… anger, fearlessness, danger, caution, pause, self-acceptance, rebirth and power.  Every time she posts something new, I find myself getting lost in all the old albums and gawking.

Well, that’s all for this week folks; I’m not even going to do my round up. 🙂 I hope everything in your lives has been perfectly delicious and fulfilling this week!


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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