Les Petits Choses

I wanted to do more of a prompted post this evening, but frankly I’m not particularly sure what to do with the Daily Post prompt (“squat”) and mostly I just wanted to squeal happily a little.

I know that for the most part, I post histories or philosophies on this blog, but ultimately the purpose of Spectres & Stardusts is to let me talk about life, the universe, and everything whenever I please.  I have another blog for writing and reading, another for poetry (bad poetry), and another for photographs.  But this one? It’s all me.

I try not to use it as a journal.  I’ve done that in the past.  I’ve got three different suspended blogs on an old WordPress account that got too real too quick.  I have a proper journal after all (several, in fact) and if I want to complain about my daily life, there’s the place for it.

On that topic, actually, I want to focus on les petits choses, or “the little things”.  For me, the little things are absolutely essential to keeping my shit together (pardon du francais).  Things like a cat sitting on my lap.  Or unexpected empanadas for lunch.  Or a ridiculous conversation.  Or new, shiny blog themes.

The blog themes are what I’m up and about today.  Visually stimulating webpages are important to me, as well as aesthetics and organization.  It drives me bonkers when a blog theme is close but no cigar.  So today I’ve got new shiny themes on both this blog and The Literary Phoenix (I even redesigned the header because I’m boss) and it making me happy.

Like I said, c’est les petits choses.


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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