Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 2/18/17


Good morning everyone!  I hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday!  Make yourself a nice, hearty brunch if you haven’t already.  If you’re already stuffed to the brim, settle on down and get cozy.  It’s Saturday, after all!

Last Saturday was a blast, and went much better than expected.  Since nobody I know follows this blog, I’m going to be brave and share a few pictures with you.  See, my best friend went to try on wedding dresses last Saturday!  I’m so jealous – she looked incredible in every single one of them.  The pictures aren’t perfect (the dressing room was very small) but I wanted to get the details of the beadwork.  There are better pictures, but I feel like I’m already taking a huge change sharing them at all.  Secrets, secrets!

I learned two basic things from this experience: one, wedding dresses are expensive; two, the sizes are incredibly small compared to regular clothing.  I think that’s a bit cruel… some of the size 18s wouldn’t fit my friend, and she’s a stick.  Way to cut up a girl’s self-confidence.  But she was cool and my goodness this dress.

After that adventure, we went to grab lunch at Applebees, which wasn’t bad.  See, I can’t stand Sarah’s other friends… but Saturday was kinda fun.  Much more  fun than I thought.

In a complete turnaround, we took it very easy Sunday and spent the day lazing around.  I was a little edgy because reports were flying in about a snowstorm… again!

And then, there’s Monday.  And there was definitely snow!

Good morning, fresh snow!

Per a mandate from my boss, we followed snowstorm protocols.  It’s hard to see from two floors up, but I think we got another 12″ in our area.  Where I work, it was underwhelming.  Still, it was nice to get the extra sleep!

Despite the drive, it was really nice to be in the office on Tuesday.  My coworkers are my friends, too.  Things are interesting at work right now – a coworker’s son is terminally ill, and his courageous face is so inspiring because I’d be a mess.  Then on the other side, a different coworker (Jimmy) discovered six months of uncashed paychecks.  He works at Fenway Park and thought he had direct deposit.  Serious facepalm…. I would have been freaking out wondering where the money was.  But he’s happy and feeling like he’s on top of the world with the unexpected cash now and… oh Jimmy.  We all got Shamrock Shakes on Tuesday as well, which was a bad idea.  So minty.

Also it was Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a picture of a couple Pop! pair, in front of a sunset that I painted for Paint Nite at work two years ago.

Jack and Sally – so in love.

Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful.  Trips into the office, and so tired.  Wednesday after work, I picked up my husband and we went to dinner at Elm City Brewery, which is this incredible little brewpub about half a mile from us.  They’ve got incredible food, even if you don’t like beer… although they’ve won awards for their beer, too!

Sitting in traffic on Route 2.  At least the sky is pretty?

I worked from home again on Friday.  It’s always nice not to drive.  It’s also annual bonus day, which means nothing today can get me down for too long!  I got up early and made myself an omelette using a trick I learned from Alphe over at Alphe’s Corner.  I’ve never been able to make an omelette before (it always broke when I tried to flip it) and this method is amazing.  I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new world!

Good enough for me!

So that’s my week!  Uneventful as usual.  Today, I’m getting my hair cut… for the first time since July.  It’s so bad, I need to change that habit.  I’m also treating myself to a manicure, and Matt and I are planning to go to a restaurant as a belated Valentine’s Day dinner (a.k.a., an excuse to go to a restaurant we don’t normally go to).

Some things of note this week:

  • My Pops! shelf is filling up!  Dorothy, Glinda, Gandalf, and the Mad Hatter arrived this week.  Hatter is in immaculate condition, I’m so excited.  The others have definitely been touched up.
  • Did I mention I made my first successful omelette?
  • Out government is a mess and I can’t even pinpoint one thing to be all “yay!” about this week.  I want to look at the bright side, but sheesh.
  • Between Thursday last week and this Monday, it’s been the first time since we moved in June that I’ve gotten at least eight hours a sleep every night for five days in a row.  It was incredible.



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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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