My Little Brother is the King of Random

My brother always gives the strangest, most absolutely-off-the-mark gifts.

For example, this year at Christmas he decided to do “flashback” themed gifts, where everything should be a wink back to someone’s childhood (or twenty-years-ago-ness, in my parents’ case).  He meant well… but I ended up with a rock excavation kit, my husband with a mecha model kit, and my parents with wine and a book of poetry.  Every time I talk to my mother she says “I don’t know what your brother was thinking with that poetry book….” and then laughs.

Back in 2010, though, he hit the jackpot of bizarre gifts.

There used to be a store on Main Street called Cool Jewels.  It was there most of my childhood, but unfortunately they put up their “going out of business” sign that summer.  They had an interesting variety of things, from scarves to jewelry to trinkets to airy summer dresses.  I liked looking around inside, but I don’t think I ever purchased anything.  That summer, my brother had his first job teaching film at an arts and drama camp, and he decided he was going to make his money stretch.  He must have seen that sign, because on Christmas morning, I opened up a box filled with little wooden turtles with bobbleheads.


I’m serious.


It was definitely good for a laugh because honestly, who would have guessed these were inside the box?  They’re cute, hand-painted and fun little things but… 180 of them seemed a little excessive.

Then came the story – he negotiated for the whole box.  These turtles used to go for $1 apiece, and he got them all for $20.  Not a bad deal if you want 180 wooden turtles.

But, oy… what to do with them all?


(Spoiler alert… I think they’ve all crossed the rainbow bridge at this point, or have been left on tables at restaurants, or been sneakily donated to thrift stores in bags with other things… shh, don’t tell!)

Plinky Prompt: “Name a bizarre gift you received.”


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