Weekly Tea Time for My Soul – 2/25/17


Good morning everyone!  As I type this, at 6:23am, it is already 50 degrees outside.  I think winter has forgotten to winter.  I don’t mind so much, only over the last couple months I’ve forgotten how hot our apartment can get!  We’ll be breaking out the A/C before I know it!

My most interesting day of the last seven was certainly Saturday.  I got my hair cut and a mani, both of which are rare treats for me.  We went to Chris and Sarah’s for a couple hours and Sarah talked about her wedding plans and Chris and Matt played Diablo III.  Then, Matt and I went off to Brattleboro for our little treat of a dinner.

The sunset fading away behind Main Street.

I really like the town of Brattleboro, despite how horrible the traffic and parking are.  The stores are interesting and the strip fun to walk. We only window shopped and walked it for a little while.  We went to dinner at a restaurant on the Connecticut River called Whetstone Station.  It’s a brewery and a restaurant, which are my favorite kinds of restaurants even though I’m not a beer drinker.  Whetstone is good. There is always an hour wait when we go, and since we can walk Brattleboro while we wait, I’m happy to wait it.

We ended up in a quieter corner near the bar.

Diligently studying the menu.

Whetstone is a little pricey, but it is one of those places we go for a treat dinner.  When we go, we go all out.  Meals, dessert and appetizers.  This time, I started with a pretzel with beer cheese and Mattie got their smoked wings, which he loves.  I ended up with a dish called the Happy Waitress, which is this incredible grilled cheese with thick bacon and fresh tomato and some sort of soft cheese and homemade bread and OMG I’m in love.  I get it with these parmesan chive hand-cut fries, and it’s just heaven.

Matt went with the cider smoked ribs with potato quinoa cakes and smashed potatoes, then we shared the chocolate peanut butter torte.  All in all, an incredibly delicious meal.  It makes me want to go back again…but maybe not until my birthday in October!

So that takes Saturday up to the brim.  Sunday and Monday were used generally as rest and recuperation days, which are always needed for me and my challenging work schedule.

I did spend some time over both days reorganizing the apartment a little bit.  We moved the tallest bookshelf out into the living room.

All nice and tidy and colorful and crowded.

I dislike how crowded the living room feels now, but the eventual move of the library to the living room is inevitable and I’d rather do it in stages.  After all, they are covered in dust.  I am displaying some of my more bookish Pops! with their associated novels, though, so that’s fun.

Tuesday kicked my butt, which is to be expected since it’s my first day back in the office, and my sleep schedule goes from 8hrs. back down to 5.  On the bright side, I came home to my first ever OwlCrate.  For those unfamiliar, OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that includes one upcoming YA book and a whole bunch of goodies.


I was super pumped to land Caraval this month!  It’s a book I wanted.  I was really impressed with this box – I liked everything in it (with the slight exception of the stickies, which is less to do with the product and more to do with the fact I don’t know what I’ll do with them).

On Wednesday I actually received February’s Uppercase box, which I found a bit underwhelming.  I’m giving that one another try, but if I still don’t like it, I’ll cancel the subscription.  Wednesday was just an all and up lousy day for me (exemplified by my Checking In post…) but we’ve moved on!  Because on Thursday winter fled and I took a glorious long walk on my break and just absorbed the lovely sunshine.

I also had an after-work meeting on Thursday where a few members of HR spoke to our entire department across both coasts about our predictive indexes that we took when we are hired.  Basically this is meant to describe our work styles and motivations.  It was very long and redundant, but interesting.  Unfortunately, I found that I didn’t really learn much about the people I see daily.  It reminded me a lot of the Myers-Briggs personality index, and my results snuggled right up to my INFJ status.

Friday was my work from home day – the last Friday, in fact, since I will be switching to exclusively Wednesdays as work from home.  This is with the contingency that I am not needed in the office that day, so there will be some weeks I don’t get it at all.  Since the whole thing was on the verge of going away completely, I’m glad to still have this much, and since Wednesday splits the week, perhaps that one day its eight hours of sleep will allow me to rest better overall.  So many changes coming to work soon….

And yet, I guess that’s what spring is about, right?  Rebirth, change, starting over, and something new!  And spring, if the weather and temperatures are to be trusted, seems to have arrived….

What about you, my lovelies?  Any adventures this week?


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I strive to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, patient, kind, and happy. What more is there in this world?

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