C is for Cookie (That’s Good Enough for Me) – #AtoZChallenge


One of my favorite random facts ever is about the invention of the chocolate chip cookie.  Growing up as your typical American kid in the 90s, chocolate chip cookies were a standard snack food.  They’re easy to make, and those little bites of chocolate were the perfect addition to the sweet snack.  I have never seen a kid say “no thanks, I don’t like chocolate chip cookies”.  I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve never seen it.

There is an urban legend about the chocolate chip cookie (which is absolutely not true, by the way, but it is fun nonetheless) about how it was invented accidentally.  As the story goes, the cookie was invented at the Tollhouse Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts.  The chef had run out of cocoa, and she needed to make another batch of chocolate cookies.  She had a bar of sweetened chocolate, and hoping it would melt and make chocolate cookies, she broke it into small chunks and mixed it in the batter.  When the cookies came out of the oven, the chocolate chunks had not melted in the batter, but thus was the invention of chocolate chip cookies.

I’d say they went over pretty well.

182c1b855b17ca1cbc22a69fc1437e4dSince the recipe’s publication in 1938, the chocolate chip cookie has had some illustrious moments.  They were included in overseas care packages to the troops during WWII.  Again, “legend has it” that they were included only for troops from Massachusetts, who then shared then with their fellow soldiers and they grew to be such an incredible hit across the country while the men were overseas, but as you can see to the left, a national print advertisement for Nestle Chocolate Chips suggest the chocolaty morsel-filled cookie had already swept the nation.

We can all speculate about how chocolate chip cookies were invented, or when they really became a sensation that swept the nation.  Personally, I think the cookie stole really the hearts of America’s youth when it appeared in the hand of a funny blue monster on popular children’s programming.

AThis post was written as part of the April A-Z Challenge.  For 26 days in the month of April (excluding Sundays), a post will be written for each letter of the alphabet.  April fourth is “C” and so I chose “Chocolate Chip Cookies” as my topic.  I had meant to choose something else, but the “C is for Cookie” so immediately got stuck in my head, so here we are.

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18 thoughts on “C is for Cookie (That’s Good Enough for Me) – #AtoZChallenge

  1. Chocolate chip cookies are to die for. You cannot have too many chocolate chips in your cookies 😁 And the Toll House reminds me of FRIENDS where Monica and Phoebe are trying to figure out the recipe 😂


  2. Chocolate chip cookies are my 2nd favorite, with Oreo’s being first. That’s a fun story about how they came about. I wonder how they really came about!

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