E is for Easter Dresses – #AtoZChallenge

When I was a little girl, my mother loved dressing me up for the holidays.  There were Christmas dresses and Halloween costumes, but her favorite was the Easter dress.  I have absolutely no memory of this, but I guess I wasn’t the best sport about all the girly girl stuff.  Fortunately I was also the type of child that got very attached to specific things so sometimes my mom got lucky.  My Easter dress at four years old was one of those things.

I imagine being a parent trying to fancy your child up for something nice, like a big church service on a holiday, is a bit of a challenge.  First of all, children (especially headstrong ones like me) like to do their own thing.  It’s also true that children have a ridiculous sense of fashion.  If left to my own accord, I probably would have waltzed into Easter Sunday with six stuffed animals, a bright pink t-shirt and striped leggings, knee-high socks and blinking jelly sandals.  The early 90s were a smorgasbord of poor fashion opportunities.

My mom got her way, though, as moms often do, and the Easter dress was worn.  The first year I wore it (I think I was three) it was a smidge too big.  At four, it was perfect and had been taunting me in my closet for a whole year.  I wanted to wear the pretty flowery dress and I wasn’t allowed to and it wasn’t fair.  When Easter finally came that year, I was so excited about finally wearing the dress that I even behaved for a picture.


No judgement on the fashion, please.  Like I said – early 90s.

Do children still dress up for Easter Sunday?

AThis post was written as part of the April A-Z Challenge.  For 26 days in the month of April (excluding Sundays), a post will be written for each letter of the alphabet.  April sixth is “E” and so I chose a memory from my childhood as my topic.  My mom tells me often how much I (apparently) loved this dress.  Can’t see now what the appeal may have been!

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12 thoughts on “E is for Easter Dresses – #AtoZChallenge

  1. Very cute. I was dressing my kids up in the 90s, but I definitely see parents continuing to dress their kids up for special occasions, including Easter Sunday!

    *Visiting from A-Z*

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  2. I certainly remember being dressed up special for Easter. I can even recall some of the dresses I loved, but what I remember most were the godawful hats that we had to wear to church. For some reason, some quirk in my body/head shape, I look awful in hats. My daughter can put anything on her head and it looks gorgeous, not me. My biggest nightmare was a white Pilgrim hat with a green velvet ribbon and a brass buckle, with little white daisies tucked into the buckle. I looked like Elmer Fudd hunting “wabbit.” Thankfully, I wear what I want now and no more hats in church.

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  3. Love the dress! I remember the annual Easter dress and (giving my age away here) a new hat as well! Also part of the ritual was a family photo of everyone decked out in their new clothes — including a memorable one of us standing in late-spring snow!

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