C’est Moi



I’ve been avoiding this page.

This page forces me to take a good, hard look at myself and tell you what I see.  It’s a mirror in words, and that’s intimidating.  I prefer to cast hard judgment on the world around me, to see and experience the simplicity of life, and generally avoid mirrors.

I guess the easiest way to go about this is to say I like to think I’m Hermione Granger.  Or, at least, I want to be.

There are four sides of Hermione Granger that I try desperately to emulate in myself.

Intellect, Pride, and Enthusiasm


From the first moment you meet her, there is no question that Hermione Jean Granger is bossy, condescending, and smart.  Even before entering the castle, she describes to her peers how she’s memorised all her school books.  She’s only tried a few simple spells, but they’ve all worked for her.  Her studious demeanor gets her ostracized at first, but it is her cool intellect that helps the boys figure out what monster is in the Chamber of Secrets, where the Horcruxes are, teaching Harry accio in Goblet of Fire… the list goes on and on.  Even when she is being mocked for her enthusiasm and intellect, she never once regrets it or tries to change.  I want to be as cool-headed and smart as her.  She made smart cool, and I can count the number of women in pop culture who do that on one hand.  10 points to Gryffindor.

Loyalty, Compassion, and Grace


Hermione is a good friend to whatever end.  She offers to go with Harry at the end of all things, and she never gives up on the people she cares about, even when they give up on one another.  She even tries to help those who don’t care about her, and that sort of compassion is rare indeed.

Ferocity, Wit, and Bravery


Considering how good she is with a wand, it’s always surprised me how many people challenge and insult Hermione Granger.  Considering she’s at the top of her class in magic you’d think folks’d be a bit more wary.  But time and again Hermione stands up for herself and for her friends.  She never blinks, never shirks.  She never runs and hides, whether she has to fight with her words, her wand, or her fists.

Calm, Patience, and Reasoning


When you look at her in the films, you can tell Hermione’s always thinking about something.  Whether it’s trying to reason out how Rita Skeeter gets her information, or tracking reports of dark wizards, or petitioning for S.P.E.W., she never slows down and never surrenders.  Even the most hopeless of causes, she fights until the end for what she believes is right.

So, in as-short-as-I-could-possibly-make-it… that is who I want to be.  And that will be my about page for a while.

In my blog, I tell the truth as I see it.  I don’t like to tiptoe around my feelings, although I won’t go out of my way to offend anyone.  You’re never going to hear about fashion, because I have none.  You might get a wayward recipe or a book review, but for the most part I want to write about whatever’s on my mind.  I prefer working with prompts, because that forces me to write about things other than my mundane daily schedule.  You may hear about my opinions, my memories, or just general ramblings.  I love to see people liking the posts!  Although I’m not sure why you’re all so excited about me deciding to do yoga, etc.

I appreciate you dropping in!  If you like or comment on my blog, I’ll look at yours and if it interests me, I’ll follow you.  I’ve found some really excellent blogs this way and I hope yours is the next great discovery!